Ohhmis Branding Design

Ohhmis is a self-employed creative design company founded by me, Derya Durmaz Oluc, designer and illustrator who thrives on working with brand identity, advertising, print design, and illustrations. 

The name of the company is actually two words in Turkish “Ohh mis!”. It’s a phrase used often in Turkish when we truly like something... a lot! The exact translation in English is “Oh nice!” but it has much more meaning than just “nice” in Turkish. “Clean, sweet-smelling, excellent, very well, superbly, crackerjack...” these are some of the ways it can be described. This name perfectly describes my goal as a designer, creating sweet-smelling work :) I always believe that design would create a new society and a better way of life. In any project that is received, my purpose is to mark it as “Ohhmis”. Deliver it as close to perfection as possible. This is the Ohhmis’s way of working.

For the Ohhmis branding design, my approach was reflecting my character and personality on design. I used bright and vibrant colours as I feel they perfectly describe me and my colour taste and how I love to create a story with my daily “ohhmis” objects, illustrations, patterns and personal character design.