Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Branding


The client already had a logo which basically Aphrodite sculpture as a silhouette. The brief was creating a new more modern and clean logo using Aphrodite again. Since she has always been the symbol of beauty and perfection. They required a strong and tidy logo and looking more professional.

My approach

On my design process after a long research about Afrodite, I decided to use “Venus de Milo” sculpture as a starting point. This was the most iconic and recognizable Aphrodite symbol. I wanted to create a tidy composition with typography and icon together. Plain Aphrodite body was a vertical rectangle. At that point, I decided to add a shell to the composition not just because it was helping on composition but it also makes the symbol more meaningful. The meaning of shell as a symbol is purity, perfect creation and also in Botticelli’s well-known “The Birth of Venus” painting, Aphrodite came from the sea on a shell. Doing aesthetic plastic surgery is creating perfection and after those operations, people start a new life with their better look. It’s like in the painting. Starting a new life which is as beautiful as Aphrodite. 

 If I need to explain the thinking of behind the logo in 3 words they would be beauty, reborn and perfection.